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Weird Art for Good Causes

What is Cardboardo?

The mysterious Cardboardo and his masked band of rapscallions create weird art for good causes.

All proceeds from sales are donated to justice & equity organizations.


Saint Paul Bagelry Gallery Grand Opening


Cardboardo was honored to be the featured artist at the first-ever gallery show at Saint Paul Bagelry from February 18 to March 10, 2021! They make amazing bagels and together we raised $676 for Community Driven Minnesota. Community Driven rescues food across the Twin Cities and gets them to soup kitchens and food shelves. Big thanks to Craig, Jimmy & Jason—huzzah!

“Working with Cardboardo on our first art fundraiser was a great experience and success! His sense of humor, low price point, and general great attitude was infectious and really lent to the success of fundraiser.”

Craig Drehmel

Board Chair, Community Driven

“My family’s bagel shop and I worked with Cardboardo by doing a fundraiser for a local nonprofit (Community Driven) using Cardboardo art. Joel with Cardboardo was easy to work with and we made a ton of money for the fundraiser! The art is funny, affordable and very cool! Joel was super easy to communicate with and he made the whole process fun. Hoping to work with him again in the future. Thanks Cardboardo!”

Jimmy Green

Owner, Saint Paul Bagelry


Solidarity Street Gallery


On October 1-3, 2020, Cardboardo was part of the Solidarity Street Gallery Oct. 1-3 along Payne Avenue in Saint Paul. Art was exhibited at the East Side Freedom Library and $90 was raised for the library with art sales and online donations. Art, music, and dance—right on!


Greenway Glow


Cardboardo had a blast at the Greenway Glow on September 26th, 2020, even though the drizzle made us pack up our cardboard and paper art a few times. Here is a chicken in a tutu dancing with participants who were taking free art and then, if they wished, making a donation to the Sanctuary Supply Depot, which distributes needs to all unhoused encampments.


Pop-up: 100 Radical Unicorns & A Couple of Chickens


Cardboardo presented “100 Radical Unicorns & A Couple of Chickens” at the June 29th, 2019 Midway Public Arts Festival. Our $200 artist fee was happily donated to Small Sums.


Cardboardo Art Party: Postcards + Small Sums


$90 was raised for Small Sums during the December 2nd, 2018, Holiday Market at Black Stack Brewery. A special thank you to the Midway Public Art Working Group for the grant for support of the Cardboardo postcards project. Learn more.

“Special thanks and shoutout to Cardboardo Art…making weird creative art for cool people and then supporting our work at Small Sums helping homeless individuals get back on their feet. We are so thankful for your fun way to share your gifts and help make the world a better place!”

Terre Thomas

Executive Director, Small Sums

Cardboardo Art Party: Lizardman + Learning Dreams


This campaign was a partnership between Learning Dreams and Lizardman Art, a local artist who makes paintings and drawings, wall murals, illustrations, and all kinds of graphic design. Lizardman Art selected Learning Dreams as his cause of choice, and when people donated $10 or more they were given the chance of winning one of several original pieces he created. Learning Dreams helps struggling learners by exploring their dreams and their deep motivations, helping them take the steps they need to move forward on those dreams. Learn more.

What Inspires Us?


Start with the classic ingredient of protest, a piece of cardboard.


Don a mask and make something unique. Luchador, renegade, or masquerade? It’s up to you.

A Cardboardo

Top it off with some guerrilla philanthropy. We’re inspired, how about you?


Cardboardo is based in the Twin Cities, and supports organizations across Minnesota.

Have questions or want to join forces?