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Learning Dreams + Lizardman Art

This campaign was a partnership between Learning Dreams and Lizardman Art!

Lizardman Art selected Learning Dreams as his cause of choice, and when people donated $10 or more they were given the chance of winning one of several original pieces he created.

Learning Dreams works to strengthen the culture of learning in homes and communities.

Learning Dreams works to build connections between people and community resources. We support struggling learners by exploring their dreams and their deep motivations, helping them take the steps they need to move forward on those dreams.

We work with children, youth, parents, and families. The key to the learning success of all children is the parents, families, and communities that support and appreciate learning. Learning Dreams has partnered with Hennepin County and St. Paul Public Libraries, Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Blue Cross Blue Shield and other organizations, community groups, and government entities.

You can learn more about Learning Dreams at

Lizardman original framed sketches that went to donors:

We asked Lizardman to tell us more about himself and why he supports Learning Dreams. Here’s what he had to say…

LizardmanCardboardo: What kind of art do you do?

Lizardman: I make paintings and drawings, wall murals, illustration, and all kinds of graphic design. I make that stuff by myself and as part of Rogue Citizen artist collective. Rogue Citizen does all that stuff too, and we have our hands in event organizing & promotion, gallery exhibitions, hip hop, social justice and labor efforts. We like to travel and take walks. Our turn-ons include stickers and good whiskey. Turn-offs include fascism and dull knives.

CB: What inspires you?

LM: My friends, science fiction, world history, war propaganda, bad news, old cartoons, blues, metal, 1800s ornamental design, alchemy prints, evolutionary biology, outer space, the book of Revelation, beer labels, hand styles, tattoo art, coffee.

CB: Why did you choose to support Learning Dreams?

LM: Learning Dreams is a project that takes cues from students’ own interests rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to addressing learning issues. Their approach emphasizes parental involvement and community connections. Their written vision asserts: “Learning Dreams breaks out of the mold of waiting for schools to tackle issues that belong to the family and their community” and “success in education leads to poverty reduction.” These are seriously good folks doing seriously good work for Minneapolis.

CB: What are you donating?

LM: I am donating several framed sketches and drawings.

CB: How can we learn more about you and your work?

To learn more about Lizardman and Rogue Citizen, go to and

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Cardboardo Art Party with Lizardman + Learning Dreams


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March 19, 2015