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Postcards for Small Sums

Small Sums

$90 was raised for Small Sums during the December 2nd, 2018, Holiday Market at Black Stack Brewery. A special thank you to the Midway Public Art Working Group for the grant for support of the Cardboardo postcards project.


About Small Sums:

Small Sums’ sole purpose is to help homeless individuals, who have found jobs, with the specific things that they need to start back to work. We believe gainful employment is a key factor in helping homeless individuals get out of their homeless situation. With our practical and timely assistance, that few other agencies provide, we remove obstacles that often prevent homeless workers from being able to take a job – like required work clothes and shoes, trade tools, professional licenses or union dues, and/or bus passes so they have a reliable way to get to work everyday (until they receive a paycheck).


“Special thanks and shoutout to Cardboardo Art…making weird creative art for cool people and then supporting our work at Small Sums helping homeless individuals get back on their feet. We are so thankful for your fun way to share your gifts and help make the world a better place!”

Terre Thomas

Executive Director, Small Sums

Learn more about Small Sums and support their work


Photos from the postcard event at the Holiday Market:


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December 19, 2018